by kinsleyjkoons


Since living in Greystones, I have established certain routines, in an attempt to make this lovely town feel as much like home as possible. Some of these include going to a lovely organic market in town called The Happy Pear and ordering a latte, going down to the chipper and getting a bag of fries covered in salt and vinegar (oh, and sometimes I go on runs, so don’t worry.), and watching Downtown Abbey almost too often with the family that works here.

One of my favorite routines, however, has to be going down to the sea to look for treasures.



I bundle up, grab my ipod, walk down to the beach, and I begin my search for all of the hidden treasures that are waiting there. I never know exactly what I am looking for when I’m there. I mean, there are the big finds, like sea glass or pottery. And, when you uncover one of those babies, it is like finding hidden treasure. But, every once and awhile, a rock catches my eye. Maybe it’s the color, or the shape, or just the way that it feels in my hand. But, when I see it, I just know.

When I go on this little hunt, I feel so peaceful. I turn up my music so loud, and I always lose track of time. There is a beautiful innocence that is found in the act of searching. Not the kind of searching you do when something is lost, no. The kind of searching you do when you simply know that something is out there to be found. We find this kind of searching in children’s stories, we find it in the adventures of pirates looking for treasure, we find it in young children who stumble upon talking animals.

So, maybe when I go searching for these small treasures, I feel this child-like innocence. I feel the thrilling motivation of looking for unknown beauty. Every time I go, a new tide has come and gone, and there is a brand new batch of little treasure waiting for me there.

Now, sometimes I pick out these weirdly shaped rocks that, at the time, seem to be better then all the rest. And then, a few days go by and I see it sitting on my nightstand, and I don’t see anything significant about it at all. Maybe it lost it’s charm, or whatever. But, at the time I first saw it, it felt like I had found something that I was looking for.

The search, I believe, is what gives me that peace and hope that I think is so important to feel. The innocence of freeing myself of silly selfish thoughts, and simply search for beauty.

Cause that is what we are doing, isn’t it? We are in constant pursuit of a great beauty that we do not know. And, when we find pieces of it, we feel like we knew what we are looking for all along.

Praise be to God.