by kinsleyjkoons


I am not exactly sure why some people tend to read constant movement, or the compulsion to travel as a result of some sort of dissatisfaction. We tend to look at people who move around a lot as people that can’t be happy, or that have a hard time being happy in a place. This assumption is probably true in some cases, but let us make sure that we don’t let it be true in every case.

The more places that I see, the more inspired I am to see even more. As I experience the beauty around me, it only furthers my understanding that there are beautiful things tucked and hiding in every single corner of the world. And I want to find them. Sometimes people ask me if I will “ever be happy” or “ever be satisfied” as if I’m moving from one thing to the next as some sort of search for self worth. This used to trap me in some false guilt. But I would like to tell those people now that I am happy. I have been living life and growing up, and I have been fortunate enough to see many places along the way, so far. But I wouldn’t have seen these places, or taken those classes, or met those people if I was making all these decisions with a motivation of self-fulfillment.

I almost feel like my experience in life is little mini-revelations of discovering my potential and abilities, and going for it. Then I find a little more, and move a little more. Now, I think that I can do this in one stationary place, yes. But do I have to? How can I communicate a content lifestyle hand in hand with a lifestyle of curiosity and movement?

Well, for starters, I can do things like this. I can tell you all, whom I love, that I am happy. I am growing. And I plan to continue to grow whether I am in a new place or an old place.

Here are some pictures of new places.

Hook Lighthouse. A rainbow. God is faithful.

Hook Lighthouse. Glory to God.

Hook Lighthouse.

Roasted Brown. Dublin. Two friends.

Roasted Brown. Dublin. Two flat whites, please.