by kinsleyjkoons

Greystones is a coastal town in Wicklow County, Ireland.The town was named after a one kilometre stretch of grey stones between two beaches on the sea front. It is a charming town with plenty of coffee shops, cafes, and friendly people. It is also my home for the time being. 

Upon arriving to Greystones, I felt a sort of immediate peace. It felt sort of like returning somewhere, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this peace that I felt, because I really don’t think that I was expecting it. Being a stones throw away from the coast is one of the biggest gifts that I could have asked for. Once a day, so far, I have made it down to the sea. I just have to sit down, and stare the water. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Even when the ever-so-familiar rain starts to fall, it fits. It is all just part of it. Already I have seen so many beautiful places here, and I am consistently struck by the thought and concept of beauty. 

I find myself getting lost by the idyllic scenes that are scattered all around me. The old man peering out into the sea, the birds landing on just the right spot on the coast, the rolling green hills, the secret creeks, and the elderly women wrapped up in their hand-knit scarves sipping on their tea mid-morning.Image

I am still trying to figure out how exactly to balance responsibilities, school work and being a normal person. But I do know that I am so content to be here and that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.