soul vacation*.

by kinsleyjkoons

When one is about to leave on a grand adventure, there seems to be a hyper-awareness of all of ones actions leading up to their departure. 

Every hang out turns into a goodbye. Every outfit is analyzed with thoughts like, “should I bring this shirt?” “can i go months without this hoodie?” and every conversation seems to slowly end up about my feelings regarding my upcoming journey.  It is a little bit hard, I think, during these awkward times, to live in the moment. To appreciate what is going on right now. 

However, for the last week, one of my dearest friends came to visit me. 


Marika and I met at a Bible College in England, and have spent the last three years (and will continue to be) in a constant cycle of saving up money, and then spending it all to go and visit one another. Because Marika and I like 1918 miles apart. With Marika, I have no trouble at all living in the moment. We spent the week talking and laughing and crying and eating and driving and singing and listening. And, even when we were talking about the future, we were still 100% there. With one another. 

We went around and saw beautiful things and funny things. And doing this with someone like Marika is a gift. Because Marika is the kind of person that is inspired by everything around her. By the music she hears, by the people she meets, and by the things that she sees. Here are some of those things:






It is so important, I think, to always be looking for things to be inspired by. People, pictures, places. Anything that possesses beauty, really. I am so thankful for the people in my life that inspire me, and remind me to be inspired. 

My heart is full and I am thankful for the people that are telling me not to be scared that I am leaving for Ireland soon.

Before I leave, however, I get to spend some much needed time with my family at the lake. Where we sit around and laugh and talk and inspire one another. 

And we read. A lot. (pictured below.) 


So many inspiring things are coming up so soon, and so many inspiring things are happening every day. 



*yes, my title is referencing the 2001 hit, Drops of Jupiter. It’s a good song, okay?